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The RebelRebel Podcast is a regular dive into the hearts and minds of creative rebels and entrepreneurs.

We talk about life, the universe, and what makes us get up every morning with a bounce in our step; or hard-earned advice on how to best claw your way across the kitchen floor to get that first cup of coffee.

Sometimes it’s about deadlines and exploring limitations, but mostly it’s about challenging ourselves and the world to make a difference and not play small.

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Nov 27, 2023

From Madison Avenue to Authorship

Host: Michael Dargie
Guest: Jeff Swystun, Branding and Marketing Expert, Author

Episode Overview: This episode of the RebelRebel Podcast, hosted by Michael Dargie, features a captivating conversation with Jeff Swystun. Known for his expertise in branding and marketing, Swystun shares his journey from the bustling world of Madison Avenue to becoming an acclaimed author and branding sage.

Key Discussion Points:

Madison Avenue Memories: Swystun delves into his early career in advertising and branding, sharing anecdotes and insights from his time on Madison Avenue.

Transition to Independence: The episode explores Swystun's shift from corporate life to becoming an independent branding consultant, offering strategic insights across a variety of industries.

Literary Ventures: Swystun talks about his books, including "Why Marketing Works", and a unique exploration of the history of TV dinners, blending social and business history with culinary evolution.

Storytelling and Brand Strategy: The conversation highlights the importance of storytelling in branding, with Swystun discussing how brands connect with their audience through unique narratives.

Personal Side of Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Jeff shares personal anecdotes from his global business experiences, including the challenges and triumphs he faced as a creative professional.

Philosophical Musings: Swystun shares his thoughts on life, creativity, adaptability, and the evolving dynamics of family and consumer behavior.

Advice to Aspiring Rebels: Jeff offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives, emphasizing authenticity, curiosity, and the courage to step out of one's comfort zone.

Looking Ahead: The episode wraps up with Swystun discussing his future projects and aspirations in the realms of writing and branding innovation.

This episode is not just an interview; it's a masterclass in branding, marketing, and creative expression. Jeff Swystun's journey provides invaluable insights for anyone passionate about the creative industries.


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Jeff Swystun's Book "Why Marketing Works"
Why Marketing Works - Jeff Swystun's book explores timeless marketing principles through historical and contemporary examples.

Jeff Swystun's Book on TV Dinners History
TV Dinners History Book by Jeff Swystun - Discover the intriguing social and business history intertwined with the evolution of TV dinners.

Shackleton's The Endurance Story
The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition - A gripping account of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic adventure.

Pete Hamill's Novel "Forever"
Forever by Pete Hamill - A novel about a man who experiences 200 years of Manhattan history.