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The RebelRebel Podcast is a regular dive into the hearts and minds of creative rebels and entrepreneurs.

We talk about life, the universe, and what makes us get up every morning with a bounce in our step; or hard-earned advice on how to best claw your way across the kitchen floor to get that first cup of coffee.

Sometimes it’s about deadlines and exploring limitations, but mostly it’s about challenging ourselves and the world to make a difference and not play small.

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Apr 14, 2024

"I'm not a maintain guy, I'm a growth guy."

Guest: RJ Grimshaw, RJGRIMSHAW.COM

In this episode of The RebelRebel Podcast, host Michael Dargie sits down with RJ Grimshaw, the former President of Unify Equipment Finance and the founder of ABLE Leadership. RJ shares his journey from running a family-funded bar to leading a significant equipment finance company and eventually starting his own leadership firm.

Learn the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur in this video. Whether you're starting your own business or innovating within a company, these tips will help you on your path to success in entrepreneurship.

RJ dives deep into the concept of intrapreneurship, emphasizing the importance of fostering an innovative culture within organizations. RJ’s insights extend beyond corporate strategies to personal anecdotes and lessons learned from life, making this episode a treasure trove of wisdom for entrepreneurs and leaders alike.

Cool Stuff RJ Says

"Entrepreneurship helped propel my career." 
"We throw away job descriptions." 
"75% of employees believe they have ideas to move the business forward." 
"You can't see the label because you're in the jar."

Episode Highlights

RJ discusses his transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship.
Insight into intrapreneurship and its impact on corporate culture.
RJ reflects on the growth from $13 million to $120 million in revenue under his leadership.
Discussion on the systematic approach to employee engagement and innovation.
Personal stories from RJ’s early career and family influences.

Links from Episode

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RJ's Recommended Reading

"Reimagine" by Tom Peters
"Double Double" by Cameron Herold
"EOS Traction" by Gino Wickman
"Extreme Ownership" by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
"E-Myth" by Michael E. Gerber

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