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The RebelRebel Podcast is a regular dive into the hearts and minds of creative rebels and entrepreneurs.

We talk about life, the universe, and what makes us get up every morning with a bounce in our step; or hard-earned advice on how to best claw your way across the kitchen floor to get that first cup of coffee.

Sometimes it’s about deadlines and exploring limitations, but mostly it’s about challenging ourselves and the world to make a difference and not play small.

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Sep 19, 2022

Mike Terry is a retired 23-year Canadian Forces Combat Arms veteran who spends his time touring the country raising awareness about PTSD on his KLR 650 motorcycle. 

Among numerous other roles in the military, Terry was a Dispatch Rider, and for him, these rides are a mission to make connections and carry his message where it doesn’t often get shared.

Committed to the mission of speaking openly about PTSD and mental health for military personnel and first responders, he’s noticed that his message helps anyone struggling, not just those who have served. 

Terry’s ‘Five Things the World Should Know’ are not to be missed.