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The RebelRebel Podcast is a regular dive into the hearts and minds of creative rebels and entrepreneurs.

We talk about life, the universe, and what makes us get up every morning with a bounce in our step; or hard-earned advice on how to best claw your way across the kitchen floor to get that first cup of coffee.

Sometimes it’s about deadlines and exploring limitations, but mostly it’s about challenging ourselves and the world to make a difference and not play small.

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Hosted by Michael Dean Dargie |

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May 18, 2024

"If you have a spark, continue to follow that and don’t be afraid if you can’t fit into a box."

Guest: Shannon O'Malley, SHANAND.COM

In this episode of The RebelRebel Podcast, host Michael Dean Dargie sits down with Shannon O'Malley, a dynamic freelance consultant who merges brand storytelling with social justice. Shannon shares her unique journey from the nonprofit sector to corporate philanthropy at Nike, and eventually to freelancing, where she found her niche in storytelling for social justice issues.

Based in Brooklyn, Shannon provides a vivid picture of her life and work, discussing her current projects and how she balances heavy topics with creative approaches. From her initial steps into the world of social justice, working against human trafficking in Thailand, to her impactful work with Nike's Girl Effect initiative, Shannon’s story is one of passion and purpose.

The conversation delves into the importance of narrative in shaping social change and the responsibilities of those behind the scenes in media and branding. Shannon’s insights on using brand power for advocacy and her reflections on navigating the freelance world offer invaluable lessons for aspiring rebels and seasoned professionals alike.

Listeners are treated to a blend of personal anecdotes, professional wisdom, and even some lighthearted discussions about her love for puzzles, pizza, and jazz. This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration, showcasing how following one's passion can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career.


“You are stronger than you think you are and you know more than you think you do.”
“The most sophisticated communication is the most simple.”
“If you have a spark, continue to follow that and don’t be afraid if you can’t fit into a box."
“My sweet spot is storytelling for social justice issues.” 
“If you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re not going to survive this field.” 


Introduction to Shannon O'Malley: Shannon shares her background and current endeavors in Brooklyn, New York.
Career Journey: From nonprofit work in Thailand to corporate philanthropy at Nike, and the transition to freelancing.
Brand and Social Justice: Insights into how Shannon uses branding to promote social justice and the power of storytelling in advocacy.
Challenges and Rewards: Discussing the complexities of working with sensitive issues and the importance of maintaining empathy and creativity.
Life in Brooklyn: Shannon’s experiences and favorite spots in her neighborhood.
Personal Interests: Shannon’s love for puzzles, wine, and jazz as part of her self-care routine.
Advice for Aspiring Rebels: Shannon’s guidance for those looking to make a difference in their fields.